VARIODYN D1 Comprio – the new professional voice alarm system for small buildings


Voice alarms save lives

Numerous studies clearly demonstrate that people react more strongly to a distinct audible voice signal than to an undefined alarm sound. For years the domains of fire detection technology and voice alarms have worked together ever more closely. Fire detection control panels are coupled with meaningful voice alarm systems and, in this way, offer greater security in case of fire. Clear instructions for proper procedures can be issued with stored voice announcements, which are directly understood by the persons affected. This guarantees that those in the buildings are alerted in a timely manner, so that they can be quickly, efficiently and directly evacuated. If all essential information arrives at the receiver without loss, a quick and orderly evacuation can proceed and prevent a possible panic situation. The Voice Alarm System VARIODYN D1 has already met high requirements and far exceeds required standards in many technical aspects. The new VARIODYN D1 Comprio, which is especially suited for small and mid-sized buildings, naturally meets these demands and can be connected with the fire alarm control panel through an interface. If an alarm is triggered, the fire detection control panel automatically activates the voice alarm system, which relays the voice messages stored over the loudspeaker to the affected sections of the building. Also, “live announcements”, (situation-specific announcements) are possible, directly over the corresponding digital call station. The alarm is always in the correct location, eliminating the need for additional devices.

Comprio received the first “Protector Award for Safety Technology”

Not only was the foundation laid for the ESSER brand in 1973, but the history of the journal PROTECTOR also began, released by the renowned I.G.T. Verlag. The Protector Award was presented for the first time for security technology to mark the 40th anniversary of the security journal. The winners in the three categories of hazard detection, video surveillance and access control were chosen by journal readers, as well as the users of the online portal “”. The process also included installers, system integrators, architects, and decision makers from industry and management. 78 companies had submitted a total of 118 products. The publisher received 4500 valid votes from the readers. The awards were justified with the words “We think that quality deserves a price.” ESSER was once again honored for one of its core products. We received the “Protector Award for Safety Technology” in silver in the category of hazard detection technology for the new compact system VARIODYN D1 Comprio, which provides a professional voice alarm in small- to medium-sized premises at an excellent price-performance ratio. The coveted prize in the form of a glass sheet stele now decorates, along with the corresponding certificate, the new training rooms, which ESSER created after relocating its headquarters to a prestigious building close to the current head office. The capacity is no longer sufficient for the more than 3,000 training participants, who received much information regarding the corresponding product lines in the past year. “We are very pleased with this award, especially because we could again distinguish ourselves with an innovative product from the more than 100 proposals submitted,” explained Klaus Hirzel, Managing Director of Novar GmbH in Neuss, who is responsible for marketing the ESSER and Ackermann brands in Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

VARIODYN D1 Comprio – the new professional voice alarm system for small buildings
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