La Fe – hospital in unusual dimensions


Valencia, the third biggest city in Spain, is famous for its science, arts and city sights. Now this metropolis on the East coast with its rich traditions has an additional highlight: The university hospital and polyclinic “Hospital Universitari i Politècnic La Fe” is considered among the best 50 hospitals in Europe. And it is equipped with the comprehensive fire protection technology from ESSER.
The project that is unique in Spain because of its scale and its technological development was planned according to the current concepts of integrated health care and process control. All the building units of the health care centre are connected with each other and have a total area of 260,000 sq metres. In the ground floor/ basement and on the first floor, all welfare and care systems are integrated. Above this, six towers are erected with a total of 80 elevators installed. In four of the towers, medical care and treatment facilities are concentrated, in the other two the emergency facilities.
With a capacity of 1,000 beds in single rooms, about 6,000 employees care for 4,000 patients daily. Every day, about 120 interventions are performed in the 39 conventional and 6 “intelligent” operations rooms as well as in a computer-assisted operations room. Additional 195 rooms exist for external practicioners and 116 for special consultations. With its 9 transformers, the building could supply a city of 30,000 inhabit- ants with electricity. Its air conditioning and ventilation equipment could serve 5,000 homes. Because of this capacity, the hospital is considered among the largest ones in the world.
For fire detection, the operator relies completely on the technology of the ESSER brand. The fire protection system consists of two Essernet networks and 38 fire alarm control panels monitoring the whole building complex, control the different zones, automatically shut the fire protection doors and ventilation flaps in case of an emergency, control the elevator and air conditioning equipment, etc.
More than 7,000 automatic fire detectors and 3,000 interface modules were installed for monitoring and execution of fire protection technology control operations. For the visualization of the system, a redundant building management system from Honeywell was installed and integrated into the inhouse hospital network.
In order to ensure the best environment for the patients, the concept of the hospital was in focus when designing the facility. This includes the security that in case of a fire, the patients, visitors and employees can be informed in a timely and reliable way, and they can be properly evacuated.

La Fe – hospital in unusual dimensions
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